AGUST D – DAECHWITA '대취타' Explained By A Korean

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Koreans explain BTS Suga’s mixtape title track August D – Daechwita ‘대취타’. This song is full of historical references!

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DKDKTV says:

BTS – UGH explained by a Korean :

If you want us to make more videos like this, supporting us on helps us a lot. Explained videos take a long time to make, this one took about 30+hrs, but we make no money off of them because they get copyright claimed. Zero cents. So please consider supporting us on for just a cup of coffee a month, you can get exclusive content, and help us continue the Explained by a Korean Series!!

I'm about to spit in your face says:

Mom: what are you doing? Go study!

Me: okay
*watch daewchita explained by a korean

I'm about to spit in your face says:

This was my favorite class from now on

key ji says:

D-2 was mad to AgustD for being so powerful so he ended him. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

key ji says:

king suga is AgustD
low class suga is D-2

Kpop for lifeu says:

If dkdktv were my professor, i would get an A+ in every subject.

RVJOYJunkie says:

Thank you!!! Very instructive!

Shion Fredericks says:

This is the type of history class we need

Cristy Tandingan says:

"A cute painting of Bang PD"

Me:I wouldnt call it cute
(Idk why I said this because my mouth has a life of its own)

Ameon XYZ says:

And the gun name is "ARMY" or something like that

Carol Miller says:

Isn't it Agust-D mixtape (also not August)? not "BTS Suga" title track. Suga is BTS. Agust D is not BTS. .But thanks for the references!

白腾海 says:

This K-group ….. 🤯

Springview2011 says:

Suga explained in a behind-the-scenes video about his roles in the music video.
He said that the August D from four years ago has become a king, but now he is in conflict with another August D.
I really think he sings about how he reached the top/ became a King. All the struggles he went through, the critics he had faced, his mental health, worked hard, became rich and famous etc. Now he has reached the top and is reflecting on everything.
He realizes what he has become and he doesn't like it. So, he kills that person. He wants to stay firmly on the ground.
In my opinion Suga is always looking inside himself and tries to be a better person.
In another interview he had said that you reach the top, but one day you will come down, but that's not bad, because then you try and climb again.

Heloisa Vieira says:

Amei!!!! 👏👏

I got my own Jams says:

If only school history classes were like these…

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