A REAL Level of Concern Flash drive from TWENTY ONE PILOTS! Scaled and icy??

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Today I show you the level of concern USB flash drive I received in the mail from twenty one pilots, if the videos hadn’t leaked already I would not show you all of this but since they have, here ya go.

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Draüg says:

A car, a torch, a death

A car: The car on fire in Heavydirtysoul – Jumpsuit

A torch: The torches of the banditos

A death: Scaled And Icy, the anagram of Clancy Is Dead. We can get this last sentence in the form of codes in Tyler's video on TV.

But we don't believe what's on TV, Clancy isn't dead, it's probably just Dema propaganda that wants us Banditos, us in the clique, to believe that we have lost, but we didn't.

Stay Alive II-//

Sykelone says:

Yours came in this funky box? Mine came in just a plastic casing, haha!

sport says:

Wait was this from the level of concern codes or is this a new one?

Shonobi says:

In the Tyler video the end there’s the same tv in the videos on YouTube and at the end it showed simbles

Eli VløgzYT says:


Luke says:

i just got back into twenty one pilots a few months ago i guess i missed a lot

Caleb says:

I wish they were for sale 😔

JJ Jellyfish says:

Can I please have the demos?

MandiShelby says:

I'm super jelly!!

Mags321 says:

The small tv in the background translates to “Clancy Is Dead”

Dustin Lane says:

This is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen. They’re so awesome with their merch. I wish I could’ve gotten one of these! Definitely a 1-of-a-kind, even if there are 499 more. It’s one of a kind to you. Great share man!

InsaneFlame11 says:

Only if people knew what they were about to hear 6 months ago

Hyper Saturn says:


Mauricio Aular says:

"Clancy is Dead" is spelled out on the tv during Tyler's video

Renn says:

This is seriously so cool that you got a drive, man youre lucky

dizzy spells says:

The tv in the background of Tyler’s video telling us Clancy is dead 📺💀

Catherine Reynolds says:

Thank you for sharing this video. I watched the game bring played for level of concern and it was so much fun. This has been a really wonderful fan base to be a small part of…

INK says:

"Let's pop this in and see what happens"
HeLlO yOuR cOmPuTeR hAs ViRuS

Nazy says:

Look at the box tv 📺 behind Tyler’s video it says somthing

Brandon Johnson says:

go to 7:46

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