A Comedy Musician Reacts | Mother Teresa vs Sigmund Freud. Epic Rap Battles of History [REACTION]

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Insane Ian is a comedy musician and comedy music fan! This week he reacts to the newest Epic Rap Battle of History, Mother Teresa VS Sigmund Freud! Like, comment, share, and subscribe!

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End credits song: “I Don’t Get It” by Vince Vandal feat. Beefy and Insane Ian (Download here: )

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Ramsey Schaffer says:

Teresa just murdered!

Patrick Doss says:

Science (Sigmund Freud) vs Religion (Mother Teresa)

Grise Blacolar says:

"Fakest sister act" isn't that of a low blow. Mother Teresa isn't as good as you think she is. Millions of money were donated to her yet her "patients" doesn't receive the best care and treatment. She also doesn't give them painkillers and medicine because she believed that suffering, sorrow, and pain are but a kiss from Jesus. There's also the fact that she baptized dying people against their will hence Freud's line "watched people die to get souls for the man in the sky". Another thing is that when she was dying, she was sent to an hospital with all the care she needed which is opposite to what she did to her patients. Quite the hypocritical religious extremist she is.

Weezing336 says:

Freud totally destroyed her. He hit so personally. Attacking her on taking money for her help etc. mother Teresa just made clever references to freud's terminology and ideas.

Zhou Pact says:

I mean… Having a nobel peace price sounds good… But… Is it really a positive thing at this point? I mean she has also been made a saint if I do not remember wrong, so similarly it kinda sounds good. But then you start thinking about it. And both of those things start to seem somewhat dirty and disgusting.

Yea, one has to at least put up a front of doing great humanitarian work so the donations start flowing. Pretending to help people is great way to earn money. And the church needs to find a way to pay for all that gold somehow.

Indeed, but being a hypocrite is not something that I believe he would care much about right? Its not him trying to fake being a saint. It seems he embrace quite a few of the human flaws.
Thanks for the video. :3

Leonard Feuerstein says:

Man i love your laugh…great reaction

Michelle McCloy says:

Whoooo! You caught the masturbation fire bar! Yaaaay! Very few reactors catch it! Kudos to you, sir!

TheDoctor says:

I've got to agree. For me, Mother Teresa won. It was awesome.

miesugarsweet2 says:

I did ride with Mother Teresa but at the end when Sigmund Freud said this bar "you hide your true self like that other people's money!"🙊🙉🙈👍✌

Blankeye-Sigma says:

Sigmund Freud slaughtered Mother Teresa with his bars. Not only did he call her so ugly that even without her vow she would be still a virgin, he portrayed her as mentally sick. Then he pointed out that she made people suffer instead of helping them, baptized them on the deathbed without their consent and took the charity money that was for the hospitals. All she could throw at him were his flawed theories about sex complexes and his ego but Freud just said "I know and at least I don't deny it". Maybe I'm too biased but the biggest difference between them is that Freud really wanted to help people and did groundbreaking work as a psychologist. Even if his theories were flawed, at least he proved that hysteria isn't an actual thing. Mother Teresa maybe inspired many people but she was a selfish business woman who took advantage of the sick people for her own agenda and didn't even help them at all. She only helped herself. This rap battle is really entertaining. Teresa has the best flow and the funniest lines but Sigmund Freud was a savage with style. And he made this whole rap battle a therapy session.

Red Drago says:

Glad you agree that she won too.

Brick-O-Nerd says:

Teresa had more bars but Sigmund’s bars hit harder bro..

blizzak454 says:

Fantastic reaction, A/C and all 🤣

Tech Store Zombie says:

I'm glad someone else can actually tell that Teresa was the clear winner. Better flow, better bars, better rapper.

Zhou Pact says:

Meh. People are selfish and not worthy of the asumption that they are good. I have my doubts about Teresa, but sure. She probably did enough good that the public could see so she could get that green rain. "The church need a new layer of gold baby."

Catholic church? Hm… People dying. Parents for example. "Do not worry honey, god and the church will take good care of your children."

I agree she won tho. Again.

iWolfDk says:

Your don't know who mother Theresa is😱 damm

O'Malley Caboose 5 says:

Yeah Freud wasn't just the sex mom thing and they relied on it to much

darlingdeth3 says:

i'm gonna like so the like number isn't 6.6.6

Josué Olivares says:

I love seeing all the people here trying to convince you that Freud actually won, and saying that you gave Teresa the win only on account of you missing some references, but if we are being honest, Freud's line are very redundant and most fall upon just two of Teresa's defects (The money laundering and her lack of care for the sick), while Teresa just runs over all of Freud's gallery of lacks, makes better puns/wordplay and works both into her verses better than Freud.

Ieva Zagante says:

Taking into account that leprosy already before then was perfectly curable disease (OK, it took some time), and Mother Therese did not care about it (she did not care even to emply staff able to tell fever caused by infection from rheumatic fever).

Joe Mama says:

Bullshit reaction lmao

Thanh Chau says:

Really think you should revisit the lyrics after looking into mother Teresa more. Theres a lot more information about her that'll shed light on why sigmund Freud's lines were a lot more cutting than you think they were. Yes there are "rumors" but theres a lot of hard evidence now that confers shes not what you're told she is.

DarkCeptor44 says:

dude the title says comedy musician but you sound like a history teacher lol

The Nuclear Reactor says:

Well he said she was the fakest sister act because of all the money she stole

David Romig says:

Mother Theresa got a lot of good jabs in, but I believe Freud’s few blows were much more calculated and harder hitting.

theFairyDongMother says:

About the 'fakest sister act' thing, a lot of the nuns who worked with teresa testified she was horrendous in person, yelled and made a lot of them cry and even punched a few of them, so i dont think thats really an undeserved blow.

antonio vacalares says:

Good the Masturbation line is often missed 🙁

SCN Beats says:

When u realise this dude looks exactly like vinhietero

Unreal Reality says:

Freud had some fun lines, but Mother Teresa was just on fire.

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