A Christmas Melody – Oh, Santa (Fina Strazza Lyrics)

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This was meant to be up in December. I’ve actually contacted Hallmark multiple times, though it should’ve been Mariah Carey since it’s her song. No response has been received since. Despite there is no written approval, I looked forward to putting Fina Strazza on my channel for months. It’s going up anyway. Lol.


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DISCLAIMER: I do not own legal rights to the words, notes, and keys of this music. No copyright infringement is intended. The intention of this music is solely for entertainment purposes. All rights and credit solely goes to Hallmark Channel, Mariah Carey, Jermain Dupri, and Bryan-Michael Cox.



Soni Roma says:

I loved the movie and the song. I'm brasilian. The film is a success here in Brazil.

Juanita says:

'Santa, won't you come and make it right this New Year now and make the world free from this horrible pandemic please'
I saw the movie yesterday and it's fabulous, the little girl is so beautiful and a true star. My best wishes for her, many successes.

Savannah Hyland says:

Okay no can lie, this is the best Hallmark movie ever made.

ItsMeLime says:

Sorry but i seen this on tv but i didnt see the whole thing but why is mariah giving that face?

Janet Mankin says:

Love the film but really love the song.

mary glastetter says:

Love this song and movie

Ruth Brafford says:

I remember that movie. I love the Hallmark Christmas movies.

James Brooker says:

I love this. Unfortunately all versions I hear on YouTube are too low for sound. Any help in finding a louder version would be most appreciated. It is just perfect for my MP4 player which is full of Christmas songs

Jasmin Beltran says:

2:22 **Cause all December I've been counting down the days**

Arthur Layten says:

This is my favorite Christmas movie ever

Giselle Liriano says:

My sister is friends with her!

Kristina Zubic says:

Mariah directed this movie AND starred in it AND rewrote her song for this young Broadway star to sing in it. ❤

Nallapogu Samarpana says:

It's santa won't you come and make him mine this Christmas. Okay!

Nate Como says:

i know her in real life she is awesome i also know her sister nixie


I. Love. To. Watch. This. Movie. Again

Steven Dakers says:

Santa won't you come and make it right this Christmas now.

Colombe Paloma says:

Good job Fina now one of my faves on Christmas playlist

K W says:

All December I've been counting down the days!

TheEsperanza243 says:

I know it takes a lot of work to make a lyric video, but for such a popular Mariah Carey song – oh, boy. I never worked this hard on a lyric video in a long time. Almost makes me dread this big karaoke vid I want to do.

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