6IX9INE – GOOBA (Official Music Video) – REACTION May 10, 2020

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Saif alshaouke says:

Stop fucking pausing the video every 2 seconds and then they talk for an hour.

Bismark Chow says:

You guys are haters!!! 🤣🤣🤣

Acp 42 says:


Livulman says:

Yo its 96 its 69 dah lol

Christiant Lemy says:

Can you react to drive by by favio Foreign

Scott Corey says:

Very subjective assessment by you two knuckleheads ….

Rags on lyrics but twitches neck

Transparency pathetic

Faithful Ranks Millz says:

Yes that's his gf she has his tat and he has a kid with her

Jacobsen___ says:

this song is so overrated, like it’s insanse

Hannah Yohance says:

Hannah Yohance – #Gooba Dumb https://youtu.be/F0YJObvaVTk 🌈🍑🌈🍑🌈🍑🌈🍑🌈🍑🌈🍑🌈🍑🌈🍑🌈 #6ix9ine #Tekashi69

RomeTheRealist says:

hees owning up to it, and capitalizing on it. not tryna make it cool
( being a rat )

Juice says:

And you just using him for clout

Juice says:

69 dont even listen to you 😂😂he is on real struggle

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