6IX9INE – GOOBA (Official Music Video) | Reaction!

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Alysia Rhoades says:

i sang it the whole timmmmme

Queen_RILEY says:

He is to hyped

Zhanee Anderson says:

You need to shave

Justin Corbea says:

Why is snich9 saying the n

Antwon Howse says:

The girl in the yellow is his girlfriend

Ava 1111 says:

I am a new yorker and from detroit

Ava 1111 says:

…………….6ix9ine is a snitch I only watched it for you Noah

Angel'lina Cabell says:

Im dumb stupid and dumb-

leyla spearman says:

Who watching this in October

Zephyr Orona says:

Them girls look like they got the same butt injections at the same time😭☠

Cassy Pfeffie says:

I hope ☺️ everyone is having a good day! And stay safe


I live inNew York how did your people like that 🤔😡😡

tianna graham says:

These girls parents watching be like 😤😠🤯😱🤬

Clarissa Clifton says:

Your reaction is so cute just like a little kid looking at what's bigger than him 😂😂♥️

Amira Norton says:

If you don't shut up and stop talkin to stop pausing the video I'm going to unsubscribe that is so freaking annoying the talk at least twice or through mesum no

Amira Norton says:

Say it if you say anything rude about him I'm going to just like your video


Imagine raising you kid for 18 years for and for them to turn in to a skittle cough* 6ix9ine *cough

kendra montgomery says:

6x9ine is sooooooo cute 😍😍😍😍

Keston Lawson says:

Your pritey

// says:

69 fansssss whereee uu attt ??????

Its Cayden says:

When I heard he is back I pressed On it immediately XD

Perez Family says:

Ayeee babe looking finnee. Besos

Marisa Peterson says:

When the teacher leaves the classroom

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