42 Dugg, Future – Maybach (Lyrics) | I'm just turnin' up for my city

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42 Dugg, Future – Maybach (Lyrics) I’m just turnin’ up for my city
Maybach – 42 Dugg, Future Lyrics
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[Lyrics] ​Maybach – 42 Dugg, Future:
00:00 Dee, you poppin’ your shit, nigga
00:01 G, I think we got one
00:04 Only love I ever felt was for my momma, on my momma
00:09 Miss my grandma, miss my uncle
00:11 Rest in peace Neff and Rece
00:13 Cash out, thick bitch from the Westside
00:15 Cash, dawg, no, this is not a S-Class
00:19 Maybach, I been turnin’ up for my city
00:22 I been turnin’ up for my city
00:25 Richie Rich, fuck her, then I leave
00:27 Bitch, ain’t no, “Give me kids”
00:28 All or nothin’, freak bitch call me Dugg
00:30 And I don’t call her number
00:31 She finessin’, “Baby, I need a dime” (Go to someone else)
00:33 “Baby, I need a,” yeah, leave a message
00:38 Dawg, you known for doggin’ hoes
00:39 Baby, I can’t fuck all them hoes
00:41 Takе her shoppin’, she be fly
00:43 Hеrmes, Chanel and Prada
00:44 Gucci coat, mansion my momma
00:46 ’21, brand new, no mileage
00:47 Fuck nigga ‘fore I start wildin’
00:49 Call me Don, sixes, ‘Bron
00:52 Tickin’ bomb, sippin’ Dom Perignon
00:56 Bitches fine, glizzy, nine
01:00 Play and get shot
01:03 Still miss my pops, when is you gettin’ out?
01:09 I been turnin’ up for my city (Turn me up)
01:12 I been turnin’ up for my city (Future)
01:16 Tell Dez, “Make me some noodles”
01:19 Turn my young bih to a shooter
01:22 Damn, I miss OG Double, taught me how to pimp and hustle
01:25 I go and hit a lick, you can go and ask Bubba
01:28 Uh, big blocks, tote real choppers
01:32 Whole lotta shooters, you don’t want no problems
01:35 R-I-P Junebug, toppy in a broad day
01:38 Tryin’ pay this lawyer for my lil’ ones, gon’ be a cold case
01:41 Magic City, I’m the owner
01:45 Tell Steve Harvey Ion’t wanna
01:48 One thing I never seen was a bitch to leave
01:51 Every time, I [?] the [?], use a key
01:54 Push-start, foreign whip
01:57 Two glizzies, extended clips
02:00 I don’t go a day bein’ sober
02:03 Pour a lotta dope in my soda
02:06 Magic City, I’m the owner
02:10 Tell Steve Harvey I don’t wanna
02:13 Sixes, ‘Bron, tickin’ bomb, sippin’ Dom Perignon
02:20 Big ride, really, I’m a don
02:23 Made these bitches wait an hour
02:26 I done came out the mud, and
02:29 I done put the most white diamonds on the blackest hoes
02:32 I’m just turnin’ up for my city (Turn me up)
02:34 I’m just turnin’ up for my city
02:38 I’m just turnin’ up for my city (Turn me up)
02:41 I been turnin’ up for my city
02:45 Grandma, daddy, momma, sister
02:47 I been through so much lately
02:48 Run it up and stash it
02:49 Damn near two million on that mattress
02:51 See a P, that’s what I’m snatchin’
02:52 But I like my pockets full
02:54 I got my gang from the streets
02:56 I barely went too school
02:57 I know nine to, slow down, shawty
03:01 Four times, I don’t really like to squash shit
03:04 On my daddy, on my momma
03:07 I don’t really like to squash

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