2055 🛸

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2055 🛸 (Valorant Montage)
My Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/ladifftv
Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1xZ_kAhjMc&t=0s

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IamCraze says:

Loves Bettter !

dudz says:

bro dudz's "Jett Viper Wall Boost Exploit Is OP" video has muchhhh better clips than this vid. L + Ratio

Nathlzz says:

il joue contre des bots aussi

Muhammed Afthab says:

yo mate how to get your crosshair

GreekGirl102 says:


Upjão says:

xitado lixo

Omkar Marathe says:

The noscopes are fukin insane dude

Omkar Marathe says:

The noscopes are fukin insane dude

Jhonny Site_301 says:

Ahh yes my daily inspiration

trougue says:

What's the crosshair? (good fucking edits to you : D)

Haziq Valorant says:

Anyone know how he shoot sniper without scope?

Professor.D.A says:

Editing software?

MintGuardz says:


Sana♡︎ says:

0:51 yooo this sick-

kimiko says:

ah yes precise gun play

Mr. Hipe says:

Why play with cheats? well, it is immediately clear that you have no recoil when killing in a jump, you kill through walls without info. well it's obvious that there are cheats here

SantixMC says:

This man seems to be in fortnite with those no-scopes

Tomas Garritsen says:

Next level 0:16!

Kyorua_ says:


Simeon gaming says:

1v1 me im beter!!!! or ar yu skert?

Katarzyna Skubiszewska says:

havent noticed thats valorant lol

Rosťa Málek says:

res and sens?

EgehanYilmaz says:

1:26 cross?

Guadro says:

Stay high 🛸

Paradise says:

your warmups are def 360 noscopes

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