2 Chainz Recaps Verzuz Battle, 'Collegrove 2', T.I. & + New Single!

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2 Chainz passed by Ebro in the Morning to discuss last night’s (Aug 6) Verzuz battle against Rick Ross.

He also discussed who he thinks should battle T.I., and the homecoming inspiration behind his new single ‘Money Maker’ which features Lil’ Wayne.

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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters - Love Terminator

His new project ‘So Help Me God’ is expected to be released later this year. He is also linking up with Lil Wayne for a sequel to his 2016 project ‘Collegrove’, ‘Collegrove 2’ which is also expected to be released this year.

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johntheGoat 23 says:

My Fav Rapper before the Lebum album

O G says:

2 Chainz was high and drunk you could tell

Cedic Dilworth says:

I'll like to 👀👀👀👀 Jeezy and Gotti!!!! That'll be hard fa da trap culture!!!! Wutcha think!!!???

Sean O'Neal says:

Drake has 88 billboard solo hits all together, 42 top 40 billboard solo hits and 12 top 10 billboard solo hits. Drake can do 4 verzuz with just solo material. Nobody fucking with Drizzy.

Brandon Kashansky says:

Wiz vs big Sean

Jose Cruz says:

2 Chainz and Ross did good 👍

J.Visual says:

ROSS won but 2Chains did not lose!! He stepped up

Ari M says:

Didn’t Ross Lead with his songs throughout the Verzuz and Chainz replying? It change the dynamic of the battle, should have switched after 10 records but they didn’t

IronLung Era says:


black mamba says:

You crazy missy has that catalog bust only had si many main stream hits

Rashad Thomas says:

Ti vs lil Wayne
Missy vs Timberland
Jay Z vs Nas
Drake vs Eminem
LL Cool J vs Busta Rhymes
Master P vs Birdman

Anthony Green says:

LL and Busta…

Noah Sheer says:

Why is no one mentioning Q-Tip?? Who does Q-Tip go up against??

Tripple Ace says:


Vincent Sharp says:

This is what should have Happened
Rick Ross vs Young Jeezy
T.I. vs Ludacris
Game vs Meek Mill
2Chainz vs Bun B
Wayne vs Jay Z
Drake vs Kanye

jamal appleton says:

Missy Elliot vs Lil Kim

Ant Dun says:

I'm tired of ppl acting like the best Verzuz wasn't Beenie vs Bounty.

Semaj Galbert says:

This was the weakest battle ever no energy no game no showmanship nothing just 2 old ass dudes with high ass expensive clothes rapping 🤔😂😂😂😂

Mizz Vette says:

I enjoy both artist music 🔥🔥 but I didn't enjoy the Verses. Ross was flossing to much for me and it didn't feel like a celebration, like the previous one's.

Jessie Thomas says:

Because of his dreadlocks

Jessie Thomas says:

He looks like a cute Rastafarian

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