15 year old drummer Alex Shumaker "If I didn't Love You" Jason Aldean Carrie Underwood

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Kim Fox says:

Just love this song!!! Excellent job Alex!!! I have been watching this video over and over again!!! Love it!! ❤️🙏

Adriana Carmen Guevara says:

hey! Hi! are you on Instagram? you should 🤟🏻🎶🎶💙

Gerlucia Assis says:

Muito louco 😍 sua saga, você é muito especial 😍😍 parabéns 👏🎊

Kim Avery says:

Lord youngin you have grown..I remember 11 yrs ago…My friend…Your talented has grown..U look like you still love it…Drums…Born a drummer…Mom Dad….y'all raised a very talented young man…Keep on playing. Look forward to hearing more.

Jeannie Clay says:

Awesome buddy momma and I loved it❤️❤️❤️❤️

Catlu1732 says:

Wow, this song pretty much just came out, and you picked it to cover, I'm wondering why. Just wondering, that's all. I like the song (Carrie Underwood) and you did your usual fantastic drumming.

Carolina Rubí Hidalgo says:

Yours country songs make me relax Alex! Changing mi mind and make think un the Town of mi grandma, tere are so Nice And quiet…thanks Alex yuor músic always give me A memories from mi child.good rock Alex!😘👍🤘💪😎🤠

Julia C M says:


Jordan Meadows says:

Sounding great and I appreciate you watching my drumming videos

BARB says:

Alex you have the passion. Sounded great!
Live the dream🙂👍😎

Gary Eltzroth says:

Think this is the first ballad I think I’ve seen you do! Excellent work Alex! Kudos bro❤️🥰

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