14 If I Didn't Love You – Jason Aldean 08/14/21

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Lalthangpuii hauchhum says:

Beautiful song😍😍

Edgard Barretto Pangga Jr. says:


Edgard Barretto Pangga Jr. says:

is Carrie underwood really there?

Deidra Adamson says:

Had no idea he could play the piano

Rebecca Banks says:


baby wyatt says:

So happy for you Jason Aldean I love the music and song and video it’s so amazing you and Carrie underwood in phenomenal and awesome and great together working like that it’s uplifting song I love it so much it is inspiring song for a boyfriend girlfriend that’s for sure especially for a relationship thank you so much you guys are so amazing love you guys so much and thank you what are you guys doing for us is so awesome

John ct Girdley says:

I never seen Jason play piano

Connie Presley says:

Kurt, it’s gotta be a damn good feeling for you and Tully to hear your lyrics, an see Jason singing with Carrie 🤗 at a concert 😁

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