YoungBoy Never Broke Again – So Long (Official Music Video)

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rezcoastgrizz thefan says:

Who listening in 2020gang

Gaming With jay says:

And if you bumping this in 2020 you a goat

Gaming With jay says:

Can y’all help my channel I will do a give away if you help me out



Jaron Wellzz says:

Man who in here 2020 may 🐍🐍

Jamaun Gaither says:

Who bumping 2 dis!

Mj jr says:

Old songs compare to the new songs he sold his soul

Isaiah Navarro says:

We juss gonna ignore the hi point😭

Javonta Davis says:

In here in cronavirus 💯

M.O.S da gang says:

I swear its been so long sum gotta shake❗💨

Zay Waverly says:

is that a hi point 0:01

Uhhh Ead says:

I remember listening to dis back when niggas ain’t fw him

Thelma Bennett says:

Yb came a long way

Orion Ramsey says:

who been here since 4 a reason



Babyyjay says:


Lomnac OP says:

"Forever posted on the block I'm addicted to the guap"

gametag RGNSAVAGEDADA5 add me on Xbox says:

Who bumping In April 2020

Landon Colson says:

Where y’all mfs at in 2020🗣👺

cibmog says:

This video is a CLEAR example on just how peaceful and highly educated African Americans are. I don’t know why African Americans have the highest incarceration rate as opposed to all other ethnicities. I just don’t see how African Americans tend to get such a negative image of themselves. African Americans never have excuses for their actions and they never play the race card. African Americans are HIGHLY intelligent and the world would be in absolute disarray without their presence.

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