Young Thug – Diamonds ft. Gunna [Official Audio]

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Young Thug – Diamonds ft. Gunna [Official Audio]

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℗ 2019 300 Entertainment / Atlantic Recording Corporation



Who is listening this all the time
This video Wonderful
0:39 💖💯💜

Hoserr_ 600 says:

🐍 🐍 🐍

Bonnie B. says:

Are y'all getting better or it's just me

Abel Reyes says:

I wish I had dis niggas close

J. Brown says:

I go Kimbo Slice and f***ed her 'til she sleep sleep

Jose U. says:

I dropped this at the strip n let me tell you!💸

David Ngure says:

Yo pierre..

DarkenedWolf says:

I just like this song because of the beat tbh

Angel Richey says:

//: # AVAudioEngine Offline Manual Rendering Mode
//: Use AVAudioEngine in the offline mode to process an audio file with a reverb effect.
import AVFoundation
//: ## Source File
//: Open the audio file to process
let sourceFile: AVAudioFile
let format: AVAudioFormat
do {
let sourceFileURL = Bundle.main.url(forResource: "mixLoop", withExtension: "caf")!
sourceFile = try AVAudioFile(forReading: sourceFileURL)
format = sourceFile.processingFormat
} catch {
fatalError("could not open source audio file, (error)")
//: ## Engine Setup
//: player -> reverb -> mainMixer -> output
//: ### Create and configure the engine and its nodes
let engine = AVAudioEngine()
let player = AVAudioPlayerNode()
let reverb = AVAudioUnitReverb()


// set desired reverb parameters
reverb.wetDryMix = 50

// make connections
engine.connect(player, to: reverb, format: format)
engine.connect(reverb, to: engine.mainMixerNode, format: format)

// schedule source file
player.scheduleFile(sourceFile, at: nil)
//: ### Enable offline manual rendering mode
do {
let maxNumberOfFrames: AVAudioFrameCount = 4096 // maximum number of frames the engine will be asked to render in any single render call
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fatalError("could not enable manual rendering mode, (error)")
//: ### Start the engine and player
do {
try engine.start()
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fatalError("could not start engine, (error)")
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//: ### Create an output buffer and an output file
//: Output buffer format must be same as engine's manual rendering output format
let outputFile: AVAudioFile
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while engine.manualRenderingSampleTime < sourceFile.length {
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let status = try engine.renderOffline(framesToRender, to: buffer)
switch status {
case .success:
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try outputFile.write(from: buffer)

case .insufficientDataFromInputNode:
// applicable only if using the input node as one of the sources

case .cannotDoInCurrentContext:
// engine could not render in the current render call, retry in next iteration

case .error:
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fatalError("render failed")
} catch {
fatalError("render failed, (error)")


print("Output (outputFile.url)")
print("AVAudioEngine offline rendering completed")


Senhor Anônimo says:


Isaiah Voge says:

I see a ugly face on the left

Habeeb O. says:

In humble help us with a click 🙏⬆️

Habeeb O. says:

In humble help us with a click 🙏⬆️

Hideika says:

0:531:20 straight fire 🔥🔥💎

Samet Erden says:

Ana skm doğan slx de açıyorum efso oluyor aq

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