TRASH or PASS! Eminem ft Juice WRLD ( Godzilla Music Video ) [REACTION!!!]

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LayedBakDFR says:

Here’s the link to the Patreon for request and Merch discount 🔥🔥🤘🏽—>

666juiceWrld 666juiceWrld says:

Yo you are vibin

Red Ronin GM says:

Astonishing review! Well done!

Haykal abdkarim says:

can you reaction WEIRD GENIUS "LATHI" This is song trending Asia

Josep Nove says:

Me das un corazon

coup of tea says:

Producer: how much eminems you want

Eminem: YES

The Birds My Word says:

Heard it at least 100 times and I'm not tired of it

Badr Soliman says:

Oxygen: i can handle that
EMINEM: Godzilla
Oxygen: okay I'm out

Cammdc 1 says:

literally everyone of us had that same face going through this video and track for the first time.. fuxkin lolz🐈

Guiilty says:

Thing I like about this song is they brought back the early 2000 type beat. Reminds me of Laffy Taffy. Those were bangers and showing the new rap fans the era we kinda grew up on

Z F X says:

Bruh this guy says poppin a bad song,even down like that,like come on bruh

Twitch. Willie says:

he looks like my 2k20 my player

Jhon Lloyd says:

When Eminem rap so fast, this guy vibrate his head so fast too hahahah

David Girard Gonthier says:

the quality of your reaction videos are fire keep up the good work

Anggit Dwi says:

05:07 his reaction fits with the beat

Doğukan Damian says:

That Chica tho lol ahhahah

Guilt Azaour says:

"and so on…"

clashgdz says:

R.I.P juice wrld
Man was a legend
Sad to know that we are never gonna hear another song of his


5:42 the face of someone trying to understand reality back😂 ur vids are fire bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥

福田聖治 says:

My friend says eminem is past he’s prime until he got addicted to this song 🤣

camden burke says:

Man your intros don’t change, respect ✊

Mr. Toxicity says:

I think em has his own language, it’s English on steroids.

Mr. Toxicity says:

It should be lit or shit not trash or pass

vegeta says:

You and nolifeshaq should collab

SweetFighter59 says:

Just noticed but juice did the Godzilla part

R2ve says:

Who are you to decide either the song is trash or not

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