Si Se Da Remix – Myke Towers, Farruko, Arcangel, Sech & Zion

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🔥 Myke Towers, Farruko, Arcangel, Sech & Zion – Si Se Da (Remix)
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Latin Nation says:

Otra colaboración absolutamente MASIVA. Realmente que me gusta mucho este tipo de trabajo de "supergrupo". Los latinos están innovando! Espera hasta que veamos el crossover. A quién te gustaría escuchar colaborar asi en un tema "supergroup"?

Another absolutely MASSIVE collaboration. I'm really here for these "supergroup" type of works. The Latinos are innovating! Wait til we see the crossover. Who would you like to hear collaborate on a massive track like this?

Steven Cano says:

damn ⚡️

Surge 773 says:

Que tal #latinogang can yall check my music out #datsurge


Good men 😉

juan parraga says:

Woww 👊✌️

Trap Soul says:

day 1 of asking latin nation to add bass nation to their intro

Henry segura says:

Best nation
El mejor nacion

Fan de Ariana Grande says:

Hola Latín Nation. Se que es muy poco probable que me respondas pero sabes hablar español?? Agradezco que me respondas.

Hello Latin Nation. I know it's very unlikely that you'll answer me but can you speak Spanish?? I appreciate you answering me.

Night Gacha says:

Hi! This is my second channel of Night Dynasty, BTW ofcourse a Legend and a God song always clean and nice to hear

Bass Lovers says:

Ahh The Nations should put one of your upload on their community page 😀
btw great upload <3

Oscar Oudomvilay says:

Great music! 👍😎

Roxie Logo22 Desjarlais says:

wow that good i love Zion – Si Se Da i like Latin Nation👌 😀

Trap / City says:

Muitcho show ermano

Marijuana says:

Weekend Vibes, with a latin tune <3

And I hope you guys have a nice weekend~

Manuel Martínez says:

Good music 👌👌👌

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