Show Yourself – Idina Menzel & Evan Rachel Woods | "Frozen 2" | (Lyrics)

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“Show Yourself” by Idina Menzel & Evan Rachel Wood | lyric video
From Disney’s new “Frozen 2” (2019)
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Every inch of me is trembling
But not from the cold
Something is familiar
Like a dream I can reach but not quite hold
I can sense you there
Like a friend I’ve always known
I’m arriving
And it feels like I am home

I have always been a fortress
Cold secrets deep inside
You have secrets, too
But you don’t have to hide

Show yourself
I’m dying to meet you
Show yourself
It’s your turn
Are you the one I’ve been looking for
All of my life?
Show yourself
I’m ready to learn
Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah

I’ve never felt so certain
All my life I’ve been torn
But I’m here for a reason
Could it be the reason I was born?
I have always been so different
Normal rules did not apply
Is this the day?
Are you the way
I finally find out why?

Show yourself
I’m no longer trembling
Here I am
I’ve come so far
You are the answer I’ve waited for
All of my life
Oh, show yourself
Let me see who you are

Come to me now
Open your door
Don’t make me wait
One moment more
Oh, come to me now
Open your door
Don’t make me wait
One moment more

Where the north wind meets the sea
Ah ah ah ah
There’s a river
Ah ah ah ah
Full of memory
Come, my darling, homeward bound
I am found

Show yourself
Step into your power
Grow yourself
Into something new
You are the one you’ve been waiting for
All of my life
(All of your life)
Oh, show yourself

Ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah


S-lyrics says:

This is probably my favorite song from "Frozen 2" πŸ’•
Comment your favorite song from the movie!
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Melissa Melissa says:

i would never thought i would hit that high vocal

Aimanaizat2001 Mohd Rizal says:


Barry Stonehouse says:

I really love show your self and all the songs from frozen 2.
Coment down below whats ur favorite song.
Love you all and be safe
If you work in hospital then save everywon!

Zeesha Fahmy says:


TheMonado says:

Garbage movie

elizabeth poole says:

Love the songs😍😍😍

Ravi Ravi says:

I love that ah ah ah its so wonderful and I can do it myself #luvinit#

Maritere Cordova says:

This is the reason Elsas been one of my favorite princesses she’s strong passionate over protective over Anna and a talented person no wonder idiana got the part!

Aimanaizat2001 Mohd Rizal says:


Keiana Giddens says:

My favorite part of this is the 00And the weather north wind meets the sea there’s a river father of a memory sleep my darling Homeword back now I am foul show your soap step in and say a powwow grow yourself into something that you you are the one in ability for all of my knob follow show me just say oh

Cynthia Maldonado says:

Into the unknown

Danny Kim says:

Show yourself!!!!! What best song!!

TEO EE DONN Moe says:

Good song πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

TEO EE DONN Moe says:

Good πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Em Crowder says:

Elsa: Here I Am Me: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Why And What I Just Cry

yeni Jacob says:

Im dying to meet them in disneyland.

Kathleen Sheen says:

I love Elsa's song

Aimanaizat2001 Mohd Rizal says:


A. Seed says:

"You are the one you've been waiting for"

Cely Martell says:

This is also one of our songs from frozen 2

Xamine Jose Manrique says:

i love all of song of frozen and frozen two

faith pollohan says:

Dat call elsaπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ˜˜

Kavita Mansur says:

Elsa is a brave lady

Kavita Mansur says:

I love this song and this movie

regie gatdula says:

My fav song is all is found into the unknown and lost in woods

Reni Pramono says:

Show yourself

Annie Parma says:

I love the cover picture!

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