Roddy Ricch – Chase Tha Bag [Starring TheFine304] (Dir By JDFilms)

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Watch the Official Music Video for “Chase Tha Bag” by Roddy Ricch

Directed By JDFilms

Available on Soundcloud at

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Billy Braddick says:

Why isn’t this on Spotify?

Blackout says:

2020/20/5 Anyone?

Isabella says:

Anyone know why this album got taken off of Apple Music?


Mask on mask off dis niggas ain’t Robbin me

atilla 415 says:

Why roddy whhhy is it gone from Spotify. I need an answer dis broke my heart

Lil Savage says:

is this on spotify?

JO music says:

Shit fire ASF 😤

JO music says:

Quarantine playing who else

Foster Boone says:

why isn't this on Spotify

mcris21 says:

like if feed tha streets needs to be put back on Spotify !!


Your favourite!tap a like👍

Dayana Boyanova says:

Why this off spotifyyyyyy

Julius Engesnes says:

It got removed from Spotify😡

nadir Lino says:

When you have a picture of that old man that a man can dance like what the heck do you just want people to laugh I am him

Home hayani says:

Who''s here in may 2020?

Michael Silvestri says:

Why tf he take feed tha streets off Spotify.
First he took off ricch forever now this

Jodylynn Mobley says:

Doing more !!love music eyes

John Ngoda says:

roddy rich be the dopest nigga around

Richard Williams says:

His most underrated song ✋🏽

Liam Lynch says:

that yellow is the shit where can I get that onesie

Eco cleans Chorley says:

Love this vibe

Apetotoh Hototepa says:

Why does everything has to be about money?

Julian Aparicio says:

Anyone else notice that there are alot of clips from Ricch Forever

nique C says:

I listen to him everyday and I can't wait for him to come out with some new shit. Already know it'll all b fire 🔥💪

Jordan Buaban says:

2020 anyone

** says:

Here before it's 2 years old

** says:

Here before it says 2 years ago

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