Party Girl Tik Tok Dance Tutorial #tiktok

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Party Girl Tik Tok Dance Tutorial

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Trinh Nguyen says:


Dead Dinosuar says:

I can never get it right…

Isaah Castro says:


ASMR Farah says:

A ver lo del final de lo que suena pum pum pum hay de dos formas a mi me gusta la otrs por que la que sale en este tik tok no es muy feo

YO MAMA says:

If this was to fast for you, or you don't get it, you can just press the dots up and press "PlayBack Speed"

V E N U S says:

I always hear todoroki but
like todorocky

Dakota Rose says:

its not that easy its way to fast im over here raging and dont remind me about playback speed mine doesnt work

Aelizha Reeze Cabag says:

I dont want to throw it back

XxCuteMochi• AnnexX says:

This is so helpful thanks for this tutorial 🌸

Mochi UwU says:

me every time i do dances
my eyes: i get it
my body: wut again

ItzAbbi says:

LMAO I’m gonna do the dance but skip the throw it back part lol

Mimi_ Playz says:

i did it normal and did it in 15 sec

Mae Ruth says:

But my mom won't let me get the Tik Tok app I have to use my camera but that's my music

Xxnazgamer_ girlxX06 says:

I tried to do it in slow mo the song creeped the crap ouf of me

Guilherme Rodrigues says:

I learned to dance with this video, sooo good, I loved it

Kendall Shine says:

I just pause and then continue until I pass

Reese Warwick says:

You so pretty

Rosie Nolan says:

Great thanks for helping me be good at that

Jenny Cookie says:

for those who are tired of always loopin them theirselfs, just make it loop automaticly (bad grammar srry)

Adventure Sqaud says:

This was so Helpful!

Danna's World says:

thank u so much this was rlly helpful

Nevaeh Tucker says:

wow how do you know all these dances i barley even know 1! good job and keep going…never give up and stay safe

Iliana Jones says:

why did this help so much??

Miranda Cee says:

Quick question what was the point of nine thumbs down like this is something nice that people do geez

Leojosueandarianna The crazys says:


Hanna says:

This helped me thanks 🥰

xoxoanaya says:

this rlly did help i got it straight away 🙂

LonelyLily says:

Omg tysm :>

Student Adia DelosReyes says:


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