NBA Youngboy "Ten Talk" REACTION

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Dirty Bank says:

Nigga was hitting da roach 4 a good 5 mins 😂


Ghost got 🥜 on his hand

Viruct on PSN says:

grease your chair bud

Viruct on PSN says:

get a new chair

Shaun Harper says:

stop pausing so much bro


*The world is influenced on money 😭😭😭😭

Pounce 247 says:

So look here bro… that hat hard AF 🤣

nate streater says:

react to ai nash

Chief Keef says:

lmao nigga got nut on his hands


Da baby & nba yb new song jump

GGI Peanut says:

You be preachin and allat shit but damn shut ya bitch ass up sometimes cuz

Humberto Martinez says:

Ey yo ghost lmfao. This corona shit!! just fuck with me on YouTube.. I’m at the hospital watching this!! Shit had me dead ass fuck!!

Slime Boogie says:

Bro was smoking he’s fingers😂😂

EndoVilla says:

Is my remix good?

Nia Nea’ says:

I’m just watching all your reactions lol you are the funniest with these type of videos.

Adam Westfield says:

aye it’ll be dope if we put the snowflakes up N there bekuz this song kold NOPE😂😂😂

Adam Westfield says:

ghost got nut on his hand😂😂

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