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RoadTo 10K 💙

#nbayoungboy #prank

I N S T A G R A M @MariTheGod_

S N A P C H A T @Marithegod1

T W I T T E R @MariTheGod1

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MariTheGod says:

What Song Should I Do Next ??

lil alien says:

He was. Like high the whole time

Runitupjd FatFat says:

Badbad nba youngboy

John Grant says:

Damn bruh I can hear the sadness in yo voice but stay strong fam 💪🏾

MoisesThe1Gameing says:

hello just subed and i already watch all of your taxt vids

Lauren Gribben says:

Ngl so happy I found your channel! Honestly know how to genuinely make someone laugh when there feeling down! 👏🏼👏🏼

Ajaylee Patterson says:

Who can say the N WORD

Mr. Ryuu says:

Father = Biological dad that does/doesn't take care of you

Dad = Father that takes care of you

Twister iOS says:

Mari are u gay?

Twister iOS says:

Y did u cut yuh hair

Gabe Light says:

You crazy, keep up the good work

Abusing Tagz says:

🤣🤣this shit is cringe and he tryna act hard I’m done dawg🤦🏻‍♂️

Danny Segura says:

My recommendations told me to watch you prank yo ex I died so I scrolled down to start watching 💀

Driah Nation says:

is erybody dad deadbeat now ? 😭😂

Ryan Spencer says:

You talk to damm much

king Spidey says:

Do vvs emix by 21savege

Demaya Haynes says:

the contact name 🤣☠

alisha says:


Christina Concepcion says:

yo vids fake

Kaden Tippett says:

Don't be tryin to get false gang claim we take that seriously

Yonii neavah says:

He said “😛👍🏾”

estylyfes 2020 says:

9:23 his face says “ Wait a damn minute!”

Evxke says:

I fw yo videos 👍

Loren Vinson says:

So genie, by youngboy on ur ex or sum

Uzub 216 says:

Fake or real

Kae ! says:

i just subbed && this mane too funny 😂😂

Gael Sedano says:

Mari once again with a banger. BTW i added you in snapchat can you add me back please

Goat x Elite says:

Damn bro all u doing is talking

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