MATH WIZ (Juice WRLD – Bandit ft. NBA Youngboy Asian Parody) ft. Filipino Mom

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Fregend says:

RIP Juice. He was a talented artist, especially when it came to freestyling, and his music helped me through the toughest times.

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aiden n says:

Asians be like: I only watch demon slayer but i also watch Jojo i think Jimin very very hot but no homo

MaximumMemer says:

Everyone gangsta until rice gum sings juice wrld

Austin Toland says:

When I'm preparing for a math test to make me feel good 0:32

Kailey SWEETING says:

Me shocked 😲 " what happened to the glasses guy!?! "

Come_Sven 123 says:

Ok, but u actually haven’t watched demon slayer!? I just finished it and it’s fire 🔥

road into the beats says:

I don't really get what he succeded at the end all he did was change his accent and took off is glasses

Grayson Spezia says:

This went from an asian parody to a normal normal rapsong

Justine Jones says:

"I think jimin very very hot but no homo" 💀💀💀💀

KirutzoGaming says:

J o j o rip juicewrld

Micheal Freeman says:

Her chain is from wish🤓😆

Jovan Jhugroo says:

This iss fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Rip Legends ,your mom says:

Aye where the Filipinos at??!! Cause I’m Filipino!

Tariq Mitchell says:

I feel you man

pak her says:

I feel so bad for duh people in duh back ground induh gass station and at the van

OG overkill says:

We both pinoy then

kenneth tong says:

First rapper in history to use quadratic in his verse

evan reach says:

RIP x and juice 2 of my favorite artist U will be missed
🥀 💔 and you helped me through my hard times and other ppls hard times love u x and juice rip
no homo

Rad Platinum says:

WaS ThAt A JoJo ReFerEncE?

modlow says:

Dislike for not watching demon slayer >:(

Sean Taylor says:

NBA yangboy

Adam Abdullah Hamidan says:

but I always watch JoJo😎😎

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