Luke Combs – When It Rains It Pours(Lyrics)

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Walker Ordoynd says:

Don't give up keep going

Ryan Vernon says:

Oh ain’t that the truth my brother

Kate Elam says:

this is the best song in the world in my opinaian

Jonathon Llamas says:

F*** that bitch

Paige Heartly says:

Just got broken up with over text. It’s Sunday morning. Oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️

Johnny Parsons says:

The whole not having to see the future mother in law just gave me one of the biggest feelings of relief over a recent break up. Basically greatest feeling ever that makes me thank God that it happened.

Troy Hinkley says:

This sound is such good music

Funny TikToks says:

This is my boyfriend's favorite song 😋😋

Mary Blacklidge says:

I am still listing to this in 2020

Myty Mini says:

What I thought was gonna death of me was my saving grace, well illustrated, I feel yoh

Lauren Jones says:

Best country singer ever like if u agree. comment if watching in 2020

John Winchester says:

Mom: turn it off
Me : why?
Mom: we have bigger speakers downstairs

Ian Oas says:

What I thought was gonna be the death of me was my saving grace. True statement. My ex didn't deserve a nice guy like me anyway. Better off without her. A year later I'm grateful I didn't settle for her

steelshark studios says:

i had a girl who completely ghosted me… i thought of this song and went and bought a 5$ scratch off…and won 5$… i don't know what that means…

Tommy Anderson says:

I’m trying to memorize this song so o can sing it to myself when I’m snowmobiling

Bob bob says:

Bruh, maybe people can be wrong, but that ticket wasnt worthless. It sounds like youve had a ball, maybe i should stay single then and hops this happens.

RavenFromTeenT says:

Luke Combs and Midland are my favorite singers

Matt Troyer says:

I like this song and I know the song too 🎸🎸🎤🎤

Hailey Blankenship says:

If you don't like Luke Combs singing your words or stupid

Big Boy says:

7st maryland… I did Baltimore jack no looking back…tj Publishing INC. LLC lerner Phillips female ghostwriter LLC tay

Kaitlyn Turner says:

I usually hate country music but this song is so damn good I can't help but love it

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