Lil Nas X – Old Town Road / Rodeo (ft. Nas) (LIVE at the 62nd Grammys)

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Official live performance of Lil Nas X performing “Old Town Road” & “Rodeo” at the 62nd Grammy Awards with by Billy Ray Cyrus, BTS, Diplo, Mason Ramsey, Nas & Young Thug.

Listen & Download “Rodeo (Remix)” out now:

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Area 51 says:

Dude I love how lil nas invited bts to be in the grammy with him cuz Bts weren’t nominated for 2020 grammy performance 🥺

King Vegeta says:

What the heck this was good until bts joined it and I’m not being racist but I’m being honest but the other parts just fucking did it I freakin loved it

meme- dna says:

I so Kobe's Jersey in the back my glasses cracked

Yaboo바보 says:


heather 10 says:

It was lit when BTS came out I love them lol

Shany Willis says:

Y’all haters is fake

BowieProYT says:

Could young thug not make it so Lil Nas X had to do his part

Mohamed King says:

Lil Nax x and all the YouTubers are staying?!

SnottierBrick says:

Lil nas is definitely a jojo fan

number one Broski says:

This should be used for the undertaker entrance at WM when he faces Aj styles in a boneyard match

Cori K. says:

this was fire

BBBlassian__ says:

Bro when billy ray cyrus came I scream

John Lo says:

omg just realized that bts tip his hat while dancing!

E R says:

Lil Nas killed Young Thug’s verse no cap… it was fire 🔥

John Lo says:

is lil nas xs hat keps falling so he has to hold it


This song is old but i still like it

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