King Von – Took Her To The O (Official Video)

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Official music video by King Von – Took Her To The O © 2020 Only The Family Entertainment / King Von / EMPIRE


Elijah Johnston says:

Where's the stripper bitch from?

Marcus Lowry says:

Same flow as bobby shmurda Bobby Bitch

Phantom Vendi says:

If she was at the store why did she need to get her purse?

Jaylen Vigilant says:

Slick Rick reacts to king von: much needed🔥

Mannyboi says:

This shit goes stupid hard🔥🔥🔥🔥

Young Dashawn says:

Who got the Girl ig Im trynna follow her

Dre Jobes says:

She go set u up

Sammy Yo says:

Teacher : what’s 100-37?

Von: you know how it go

vlonepath says:

my school on 63rd street and i shot it up

Dj Stainless says:

After watching the NO JUMPER interview and i actually got clarity of the song, dam i love it even more.

Mara Torres says:

Striper Bit h

Frre Boston says:

That the lady off 223s in the beginning

ZE McNeely says:


Kp Baby says:


DaFloridaYxungin says:

King von tells stories in his raps
like to agree


A true narrator rapper 💯

Julio Tristan says:

When your kids ask for a bedtime story

tony jones says:

Where is the o tho ? Somebody please

Dat boi Jayy 2K says:

Y’all see how in the thumbnail the Therapist throwing up GD

Judah Richardson says:

This was pretty good. I'm 100% with that policy; not dying over a chick who ain't mine.

tweeze2700 says:

@👑Oakland is the only O I know 🤫

Charles Holmes says:

No witnesses

J Stray says:

Also. Buddy Def catching a murder case lol 😂

J Stray says:

Hmmm see modern rappers can be storytellers too. Lol 😂

TheMsjuly1980 says:

I want that White Sox jacket

XCryptonite says:

Female got a gram?

Red_Panda FN says:

I was legit the 9.8 million viewer i Saw the number Change shit that was sick

Symple Dox says:

its chief keefs son lol

Don Cheechee says:

Protect King Von at all cost. Real life storytelling. 💯💪🏿

Furny says:

I know 1 thing for sure in life king von is not from 63rd

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