Juice WRLD – Tell Me U Luv Me (feat. Trippie Redd) (1 HOUR!!!)

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Juice WRLD – Tell Me U Luv Me (feat. Trippie Redd) (1 HOUR)


sports_ninja16 gaming says:

Man you deserve more subs if you pin you probably get more

ray- expensive798 says:

Can you do "I am a monster lucha x godmode " 1 hour

Qlxiz says:

Bro I’m addicted

Pirate Gaming says:


Qlxiz says:

Still listening and only just realised I hadn’t liked

Willie Freeman says:

use me as the "having feelings for someone"button

JuiceWRLD 999 says:


Your Mom says:

I keep imagening what would happen if i thought of this song and nobody knew who i was. What would happen if i uploaded it?

Tryton Fay says:

I love juice he is soooo good so sad to see him go so soon 1998–2020 😭😭

Craig Williams says:

Thank you sooo much!!!!

LordOfCreepers says:

It's funny cuz I can relate to every fucking word of juice wrld's lines

drop_lzzz YT says:

Once I hear that start my head start bobbing 🔥

wavyboyjoseph 23 says:

Can you make a 1 hour version of free Isaiah love. Plzzzzzz

Hunter Short says:

Tell Me U Luv Me

timtaro Shima says:

I play this in the shower

Jonas Kubilus says:

Tysmmm for posting this i absolutly LOVE this Song and i was getting tired of replaying it again and again xD

exotic_AR says:

Keep up the grind!!

Yarmani Coplin Severino says:

Juice WRLD for Life 9️⃣9️⃣9️⃣

Wxrmzyz_ FN says:

I love this song and 1 hour is even better great job man

king J says:

This is the stuff

ninja joe says:

yo I fucking luv juice wrld that's a shame that he died he was such a fuking goat

jaquie petenbrink says:

You should make a 10 hour song of x song should be roit or Jocelyn Flores if you do that thank you so much

jaquie petenbrink says:

thank u so much for the song i love this song

Leigh Iddon says:

;( R.I.P Juice WRLD 1998 – 2019 Never to be forgotten

Frosty SenNa ツ says:

bro just imagine being ally 😥

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