Joyner Lucas – Lotto (ADHD)

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Zachary Watkins says:


lawrence taylor says:

Joyner: get me a thick ass Puerto Rican chick that lazy twerks next to me the entire time

Natalie Gudu says:

About time someone showed more of white video vixen chicks than our black sisters



CJ Payne says:

This Guy really blew up over the last year and a half…its cool seeing artists slowly blow up….

Κώστας Costantinou says:

what are they buying

melissa j says:

I am in love with your flow, the vibes, that style. AMAZING 😍

Mr. mamboPR says:

This kid fire 🔥 different topics showing creativity on high 🙏🏼🚀👍🏼

Pessag MC says:

moreno gringo embrasado kkkkkkkkk


I just like how the lil girl walks up to the truck and gets a brick bruh

david darby says:

This crap has no value to it what-so-ever. I'd be ashamed to listen to it.

o murda says:

There’s Joyner and then there’s the dude with the violin, also the Latina shaking it

Joseph Sisya says:

HIT ME!!!!!

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