Hot (Remix) (feat. Gunna and Travis Scott)

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Hot (Remix) (feat. Gunna and Travis Scott) · Young Thug · Gunna · Travis Scott

So Much Fun

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Aquilies Duncan says:

i love the fact that alli hear is AGGGHHHHH

Awesome Aight says:

I showed this to myself and nothing happened.

Big Red says:

Thank God i discovered this banger

DjTittieMilk says:

I've been sitting here just being saying hat hat hat hat hat hat hat hat

Mason Savage says:

I showed this to my dog and now it’s a wolf

Martel 125 says:

Who here is from Supercar Suspects🔥🔥

Og Adan says:

Who will blast this in class

Kvngjay 14 says:

I played this to my vagina now it’s a dick

Junior Moraes says:



I have a few more questions for him


Thanks again for lunch


This picture looks like the boy done died in fire by a bitch

Alberto TheboSS says:

Nle choppa: I’m super hot like a fryin pan

Gunna: imma bout to end this mans whole career

SoLaREcLiPsE says:

I showed this To my water then it started to evaporated

silvally 333 says:

only 18 k likes

Xavi and Alex the two good boys says:

I love this music so good 👌👍

Oh yeah yeah says:

i showed this to my coffe grounds it became starbucks

6LACK LORD says:

Not my favorite song on the album but GOD DAMN that beat is GOD TIER, 💯!!!

KingMaxMike n Ike says:

Low Key this sounds like Some Nigga is about to summon the Dragon Zord.

Aaron Hazelton says:

They say heat kills the coronavirus so i played this on my helichopper loud speakers and flew over China

Stylish Rap says:

Hot Ft. Tupac , Daz Dillinger & Kurupt 🔥😍
Check it out

GamingsisterL GamingsisterD says:

Travis’s part was 🔥🔥🔥

ཧᜰ꙰ꦿ Iήsͥⱥnͣeͫ says:

i showed this to myself nothing happened i enjoyed it

VoidAceYT says:

no hate its good

VoidAceYT says:

listing to the first one

VoidAceYT says:

it is the same song just change the color and put remix

Anthony Vieyra says:

Gunna's part underrated as hell

Luis Anguiano says:

Where is CoreyXkenshin

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