High Fashion – Roddy Ricch (If We Hop Out the Benz is That OK) | Tik Tok Song Compilation

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If We Hop In the Benz is That Ok (Roddy Ricch – High Fashion) | Tik Tok Song Compilation | If We Hop In the Bandz is That Okay

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Tik Tok Central says:

Moments The Hype House Wants You To Forget… ➡️ https://youtu.be/YQmvBs3saz4

Guadalupe Cordova says:

from tiktok

rubyfoxthings 101 says:

lilhuddy is a player

iiipanda Blox says:

We can all clearly tell Danielle Cohn photoshops her Waist because it looks like a box of macaroni and cheese smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ time: 1:47

OMG_ funneh says:

The first one just ruined it already no hate to chase but why u gotta break mah bish Charli like that why chase so much 😭😂😂

Alief Maulana says:

You're an amazingly beautifull, strong, beautifull minded, cute, goofy and you got the most perfect smile in this word💖

Who ever says that you're not one of these is stupid for not seeing it.. Never let people push you down and if they do? Get up, because it's not about the times you've fallen.. it's about the time's you've standed up to your feet again😊

So stand up beautifull person☺ Because I know you're strong enough to do so❤

I love you 😍

Have a nice day xoxo

senpaii cookie owo says:

People be flexing theyre outfit/face/hair/ect using this audio. Like i only like the guy flexin his babyy

Xiiclould Starxii says:

Bruh lil huddy is like a stick and everytime u touch him ye flys away -_-

Lan Scott says:

This is one of my favorite songs!!!! Thanks for making this viral

Mahsen Abud says:

2:30 That was so awesome😍

Malawian Butter says:

the baby Awwwwwwwwwwwwww

Jazmine tenorio says:

I hate Chase who I like more is Charlie

Tranquility says:

😒99% of these ppl can't even lip sync the actual lyrics. WTF R they singing???🤦‍♀️ Mostly all the guys have the same hair style as if they are in a chicken blood drinking cult❗❗❓😑

ochaco uraraka says:

I'm cringing

Lia Adams says:

Yo chase's jacket😍

kids charming fun activities says:


alya sufia says:

girls >>>>

Edward Lai says:

ok…so where is dante😥😥🙌

OA - 06AK - Shelter Bay PS (1561) says:

What is the ??? For??

GamingWithKyung says:

I got from my radio to this?
😧😧😧 I shouldn't be here

zakshei says:

I'm not even trying to sound like an idiot right now, but LilHuddy and payton are just


Nick Hinton says:

Anyone else looking for the paper eyelashes

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