High Fashion. By Roddy Ricch feat. Mustard – @uwebaltner on Instagram

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_༼ つ ·_ ·༽つ says:

Jsi skoro větší borec než Jan Vevoda 🥰

Jamie Muscella says:

u need to go on  a tour  and visit belgium id come  and see my first show ever

Laurraine_mello says:

I love how much he’s just enjoying himself😂

999 Forever says:

I cringed my ass off

Switchkid Beats says:

That one lit uncle

Weisboune Rodrigues says:

Love how he skips the n word😂

FizzlePopPictures says:

Baltner bruh notice me I'm your biggest fan

Khadeja Reynolds says:

Can you sing romans holiday by nicki minaj🥺

Teddy Gamingz says:

damn he’s a god

A.Ffirmative says:

Man if you was the feature on this song, i would not know how to describe my feelings, it would be the song of the decade

Ava Savage says:

I'll give you the n pass dont worry

CAi says:

This is soo catchy with this legendary man singing

gamingwith faith says:

I have an edit using this song on my channel (Roddy Ricch edit)

Ricky Bustamante says:

Why peoplw be like how we sing this song without saying the n word this legend hold my beer 🍺

DJQuan718 says:

"Ahhh Whoaaa you ain't gotta deal with none of these _______ no more" 😂 much respect for not using the n word

Monique Grant says:

0:38 he could keep up he sped up

Tee Tee says:

Do blue berry faygo pleas

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