High Fashion 1 Hour – Roddy Ricch (1 Hour Version)

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High Fashion 1 Hour – Roddy Ricch (1 Hour Version)
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Music Power Hour provides 1-hour loops of your favorite pop hits. Every day I update the channel with 1-hour versions of all the newest rap singles as soon as they are released.

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coco_ XD says:

I have 2 mins left

Marnucheca Jallah says:

I know it is fire

Zaida Green says:

Whoever disliked this video was vibin too hard

NeIzon Yt says:


Xx_ninja _Xx39 says:

I live this so much❤️

Jayden Lin says:

Idc what people think best song of 2020

Barbara Reçoit says:

it's really relaxing for me

BIG COOL says:

The song is fire in playback speed 0.75x

Taylor Lumley says:

This song is so good and add me on epic on fortnite im a boy

Brenda Flores says:

This is the pictures

Kameron Miles says:

You capin you didn’t watch this for 10 hours

Achris WRLD says:

how dare you steal my profile picture

Jamella Jones says:

I love this song

iVs Phaves says:

belaive in god, he is what made this world the best it can be he’s the reason why you are standing on a floor he gave people the power to have a powerful imagination to make stuff we all didn’t know would be made💯

kai washington says:

I listened to the whole thing-

Jessica Frix says:

I really love this woooooo go roddy rich and mustard

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