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👉 Song: Polo G, Stunna 4 Vegas & NLE Choppa feat. Mike WiLL Made-It – Go Stupid
👉 Outro Song: Roberto Kan – Dominion
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Kilo G says:

4:18 💀💀💀

• Shadow Playz• says:

4:18 is so funny lol

Jamaria Berry says:

Am I the only one who doesn’t know how to do this 😭 (probably just putting your phone in different places idk)

Michael Turco says:

Don’t ya hate when TikTokruins good songs

Ya Boy says:

2nd girl Addison or whatever is seriously cringey and unfunny.. you people make the worst people famous

Saucy 909 says:

Bruh Addison re does not know how to match the vid with the beat

Void BR says:

Ffs tik tok

Jared Aguilar says:

6:58 the best one for sure

Crispy nugget says:

2:59 is the best one

*Blueberry D R O P S* says:

My God put a shirt on no one wants to see you like that stop flexing when you have nothing to flex
I’m sorry but it’s just funny 😂


I’m in there 😍😍😍

Cj Is Here says:

Every good song that comes out tiktok makes it terrible

i'm sorry really sike no bitch niggas says:

lmaoooo u legit just reuploaded the populsr one lmaooooooooooooo

Lyxinsシ I says:

Well, fellow soldiers. We WILL defend those people who ruin good songs on tiktok, RISE MY SOLDIERS!

ballout Snipe says:

4:19 OMG😂😂 I'm dead asf

꧁Emily Nunes꧂ says:

3:14 he's trying to hard

Miles salacuse says:

I honestly like this trend and dont think tiktok ruined it THAT much

Mikel Yap says:

Can anyone see my montage lol?

Caronda Walker says:

I can't relate at the Fends part cas I have non

Declan Gregorys says:

0:13 Ahh yes the boxing stance that leaves you open to any punch. If I did that in boxing I'd get creamed

GavCurtis says:

5:02 how she not put Selena Gomez

Pierre Harrington says:

0:18 that’s dangerous

Helios Papu says:

3:58 the best one

Kuad says:

1:14 okay why am I the entire group like tf
I’m all of those

Epsa4456 says:

5:04 Gigi is literally Natalie what the hell

Beemo Beemo says:

Pure cancer

jane a says:

The mom one is so real 😂

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