Frozen 2 "Show Yourself" (Music Video)

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Frozen 2 “Show Yourself” (Music Video)

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Song: Idina Menzel, Evan Rachel Wood – “Show Yourself” (From “Frozen 2”)

Frozen 2 – Show Yourself (Idina Menzel) MV


Doris Serrano says:


Doris Serrano says:

Show you’re self

Nirob Shuvo says:

Very nice song

tiffany tsionis says:

wher is the part when anna took the sword from kristof

Elissa Carroll says:

I wanted to watch frozen 2 inthen i got to watch it and now i got tbe move and all the songs got stuck in. My head. I cant believe i got to watch frozen 2!

Ronal albert says:

Saya suka dng elsa dan ana

Reyna Cortes says:

Que lindo. Elsa. Te amo mucho tqm 💋😍💓💓😘💚💜

angieny effendy says:

Lovely princess Elena ❄
Lovely princess Anna 🌋

Roy Schrag says:

Elsa who brings the best music of all time

Emerald says:

Почему некоторые моменты мультфильма отличаются от русской версии?

faizah sajjad says:

Frozen 2 is almost copy of frozen 1.Like in frozen 1 Anna freezes and in frozen 2 Elsa freezes.

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