Fortnite Montage – "PARTY GIRL" (StaySolidRocky)

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Fortnite Montage titled Party Girl, Music by StaySolidRocky. This Fortnite Montage consists of Fortnite Trickshots and Sniper Clips. Please leave a like and comment if you enjoyed this video!

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Stephanie Matamoros says:

Add me ok please username JMATKILLSBEATS

Sarge says:

when you put 2 of the same trickshots in its just shown more of the clip before. stupid

Youtube Zay says:


Alvaro Gonzalez Espejo Bustos says:

Bro you repite so many trickshots!!!!😠😠😠

Dyn4mix YT says:

U hv used clips more than once!

LegendTV says:

Nice montage but why did you use one clip to times

Baseball Mama says:

700th comment

zerpy says:

i have a youtube dream*

Iskra says:

The custom server was so good to make trickshots 😂

imbadkid calia says:

All of them not even on beat so if there not on beat I'm not subbing or using your code

TeknoFN says:

My favorite part was the first 15 seconds of the video

Shelia Cole says:

You good at the game

drawing Gamer Battle says:

U use the same clip two times

Pizzaumi says:

Lmao I actually hitmarkered my first trickshot today xD


1:04 the guy gliding: oh sh*t its kai

The Lius09 says:

my favorite part was when he killed with the heavy sniper

Edu says:


Savage Gamer says:

How do u put in the song without getting copyrighted?

Taln says:

2:29 thank me later

Not Angeles says:

Who else is mad underrated?

Dont give up you'll make it one day 😉

Clutchoncntrl says:

My fav part when he uses the heavy sniper

Rise_ Killark says:

Finally no macros

シJoJo says:

Teammate: noscopes in under water

FaZe PeNcIL says:

Bro this. Guy haas everrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Skin bro

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