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ORGINAL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/28hYUZMufDg

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Rodi Cubes says:

Bro, check out dis tune called Sank Bop, it's proper wavy🎶🎶🎶🎶!!!!!

Andrea Costa says:

I want to say that I saw the entire video and all the rewinds, then at the last I saw the blue girl 👩🏾‍🦱 down frightened then stand up and slowly disappeared because her part was finished… 😂😂😂 bro so fucking studied this video

moabsarebeast says:

They so smooth

Rondy Jed says:

They are freaking dope

Elaine Mo says:

This video is lit!!! But When I saw Jabbawokeez I screamt!! And kept rewinding it;.
Plus that black power dance u can also find at "mare mare" Kenyan but they live in Netherlands

Mayonnaise Slayer says:

HIM: 3:05

We know what else was hard when he saw that ass😏

Jordan Ye says:

why tf this man look exactly like chris brown

Nobel Tv says:

How many B R U H S would you like?
This guy: Y E S

Hope Mac says:

This is hard🔥🔥🔥🔥😭😭

Nikhil Davis says:

Do lil tecca

Lihle Ngxaza says:

The shirt!!!!

Anthony * says:

Thats shit is hard🔥

Asap Julio says:

Bro I haven't seen them since that one show they would perform in but they're honestly the gods of dancing tbh

XJinzohX says:

This guy looks like he could be Darius Benson’s cousin 😂

Vapor KTA says:

I clicked on this video cause I thought you was Chris Brown but I’m glad I stayed 🔥😂

Uptowner says:

Fave reaction! Most of the reactions talked about the twerking. The end was amazing!

UB CHAD McLean says:

That shirt represent our cou try brotha #bokke

Aryan Raveshia says:

That jabbawockeez hand swish movement part was fucking colddddd🔥🔥🔥

Quick highlights says:

when you react to the song but you don't care about the twerking girl.. 100% gay ..

To1802 says:

This the only video than hadn’t pause the video in the stripper

Darren Mabie says:

SA Rugby 🏉❤️❤️

Arkeyla Copeland says:

Man,they came crazy hard!!!!!!!

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