DaBaby – BOP on Broadway (Hip Hop Musical) REACTION

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Sakul says:

this a powerpoint presentation

Diego Rafael says:

Video quality sucks!!!!!

Terry #27 says:

Goddamn, quit stopping the damn video and just watch it. 🤦🏿‍♂️

Ramsey Langford says:

Y’all dumbass talk so fckin much shut y’all btch azz up sometime

Drake Revelli says:

Yea y so laggy

Toko 676 says:

Bruh I thought Dave Chappelle saying black people internet slow was just a joke but … GAHHHH DAMN

Aura C says:

He kept fucking pausing it and fucking it up like tf dude 🤣 ruined your own video

tyree johnson says:

Camera is fucked 😭

Qwerty Wasd says:

Y'all need to upgrade ur laptop ur using. +1 dislike for that laptop

Kelsey’s Vlogsss says:

The lag it’s to laggy sorry but I love y’all videos!💋

lola doll says:

Worse reaction video ever bad quality, lagging video,too much pausing and rewinding just stop plz you guys suck!

Cx3_Destroyer says:

Boy y'all video lagging harder than Call of Duty servers

Sleeping Forest says:

Video?? Slide show?

papega penguin says:


Ryan Rivaldi says:

Fuck you all

Ryan Rivaldi says:

Why do you slow-lag video reaction lag BITCH

Reaper Reaxch says:

The fuck is that lag fix your broke ass internet

Jaron says:

Nice quality

Official PaulyNation says:

Wack ass video lol lagging shit

Tijan Salam042 says:

Your video laggy because you pause too much

Grimm Joww says:

When the video keeps getting paused so often ,the fluid flow of it is dragged down!! Maybe not pause the video as much

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