Blueface – Holy Moly (Clean – Lyrics) ft. NLE Choppa

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Blueface – Holy Moly (Clean – Lyrics) | “Holy Moly Donut Shop” clean
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Franteria’s World says:

Why is Popeyes biscuit censored like 🧐

its yo BOI jack says:

Dunkin donuts or krispy kreme

Student Xavier Montena says:

This what you here when music come on on the radio bleep every two seconds

Trill CJ says:

Why was the word biscuit censored?😂

Tracy Bello says:


Can I join a clan Toxinx is my name says:

Why did they wait soooo long to make a Friday after that song smh but it’s still good

man man says:

didn't know biscuit was a bad word

George Johnson says:

why it censor biscuit?

KidChaosTV says:

holy moly can't be the same without kobe

Bakoratum5- Roblox says:

Can you make a shotta flow clean version?

ッEthan Ghaith says:

Who came here from discord

zone at says:

When you gonna post up at church

XxxTencacion Skylar says:

Holly molly Oooooohhhhhh yeah Assad's yes sir

Jamilya Johnson says:

I just came here for the dance lol 😂

Reeve Coli says:

0:06 that sounded like Dwayne johnson

Deshawn Diaz says:

holy moly ya its lit

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